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Any Florida Families here?

DH and I are considering a move to Florida.  He's a golf pro and the season is just way too short here in Maine plus we have some family there.

We've heard public schools in Florida are not great.  Is this true?  Do you send your kids to private school?  DS is only 3 still but we're getting close to PreK and want to be sure the move is what's best for him too.


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Re: Any Florida Families here?

  • We live in the Tampa area.  My impression of the Florida schools are that they aren't great though my experience is limited to the school my SS is in which is an alternative school.  DD is too young for school but I have been considering the montessori school for her for PreK.

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    According to Education Week, FL offers a better over all educational system than ME.


     Thank you for this.  It's nice to see there are positives about FL schools.  I teach in Maine and have taught in Massachusetts too.  I think there's a New England snobbery when it comes to education.


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  • We are in Miami, and my girls go to private school.  We moved from Canada for a work contract.  Part of the contract included tuition to private school.  I can't say for sure if I would have put them into private school if it hadn't.  We make more than enough money to put the girls into private school, but I grew up in public and am well educated.
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