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Good evening! Just 5.5 weeks pregnant, almost 39 yo and super nervous and excited. Would love to meet other pregnant mommies in the area! I am from Jersey and have no family out here so it would be cool to have other people to chat about our concerns, excitements, etc. looking forward to these next 7 months!

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  • Hi there! I'm in Covina :) 30 yrs old, and have a 10 month old!
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  • Hello im 26  from baldwin park and 24 weeks preggo! im super excited and nervous lol!


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  • I'm from jersey too so I feel your pain about missing family during this time. I'm 7 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. I used to live in West Covina and may be relocating towards that area again soon. 
  • Awesome, I do like this area, especially the mall area! Good luck!!!!
  • Hello my name is Priscilla : I am 19 years, turning 20 in about 2 months I live in Azusa : I have a beautiful baby girl whose name is Sophia Nikole that is 10 months old :
  • hello,

    im 39ys and 13.5 weeks pregnant

    i live in baldwin park.  know what you mean by nervous and excited (;

    no worries sweetie we are both blessed and as long as we stay positive im sure we will be fine :D 

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