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2moro's the date!!

so im sure you all have seen this b4 but im soo hoping to have concieved... if my period does not come 2moro i will be one happy camper..its been 13yrs and im ready to try this thing again.. soooo wish me luck and I will def keep you ladies posted either way it goes...

Have great day ladies!!!

 xxx wonderwoman411

Re: 2moro's the date!!

  • Well c'mon, we're dying to find out? Pins and needles here.






  • Well since we haven't gotten an update, it must have been negative. What a shock! Those ovulation trackers are notoriously accurate!
    After 2years TTC and 1yr,2mo waiting for an adoption match, our blessing is here!

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  • well im a little bumbed out bc my period did start on sunday.. it did not come on on saturday like the period tracker said it would so i just knew we were pregnant.. well low and behold on sunday midday it came on... so i was alittle disappointed but GOD had other plans.. Im not discouraged bc there is always other months.. so we will keep trying..

    Thx ladies for all the well wishes.. Im not done trying or posting... TRUST.. you all will still see me on here..




  • My advice is if you are really TTC, go get a real OPK. I don't know much about those apps, but my guess is they aren't really accurate. Good luck.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • your right... thanks for the advice.. Smile
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