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Hi Ladies,

 I'm six months pregnant with my first and I'm trying to work out my maternity leave with our HR department that is out of state. I've spoken to our HR rep twice about being eligible for additional leave to bond with the baby under NJFLA and have been told each time that my company is already in compliance with the law by offering me 12 weeks of maternity leave (60% pay for the first six weeks). I've done a ton of research about NJFLA and I'm pretty confident I understand how it works. 

My question for you ladies is have you ever encountered an HR department that refuses to accept they are not in compliance with NJFLA and if so, have you called the NJ civil rights department?

 I'm wondering how far I should push this, but an additional 6 weeks is a big deal and I'd really love to have that extra time with the baby.

 Thanks for your help!

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  • HR may also be assuming that they can run your FMLA and NJ Leave Act concurrently. In some cases this may be accurate just be sure your doctor specifies that you are caring for your own well being for 12 weeks AND THEN when that is exhausted you will be eligible for NJFLA to bond with your newborn.
  • FMLA can  be used to care for yourself and th infant, once baby is born and you doctor clears you, njfmla and FMLA are concurrent until FMLA is exhausted and njfmla will finish the time based on how much is exhausted.  

    Maybe show hr this link which details the difference between the two:


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