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Anyone in sydney?

It seems I might be the only one! Would love to hear from you!


Re: Anyone in sydney?

  • Not the only one. But I don't get on here much. 
  • me me me !


    I've been living here for 5 years - I live out towards the Hills

    where are u?

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  • What brought you here? I'm in the inner west near newtown. 
  • My dh grew up here we met in London, I was studying abroad, I'm from MN. We decided to settle down here as his parents live down the coast and his sister and friends are here. Well, settle here for now, I guess u never know what will happen. How about you?
  • We're in the CBD area. Love being close to the bustle of the city (and job). We are from the Midwest. I like to say we got sick of shoveling snow so we up and moved. More realistically, I studied in NZ one July then DH and I came over to aus and fell in love with the area. Tried to get over here for several years. Finally we both got jobs a few years ago. Our son was still small no ties to friends /school. When given the opportunity...gotta seize it. 
  • American in Oz, how long have you lived here? Do you like it?

    I am from New Jersey and lived right outside New York. I met my now husband their while he was on holiday. I agreed to try sydney but I have been very homesick. I moved here at the end of September so I haven't been here long.  

  • I've been here in sydney 5 years but moved to London to be with my dh then bf 11 years ago. I was Super homesick for about a year to be honest! I miss my family a lot still, but don't really want to live back there again.... I do like it here a lot, definitely takes time to settle in fully and adjust though. We lived in manly til a year ago, so I've spent this last year learning about a new area and trying to make friends which is hard and takes time!! We should have a gtg some time ladies!
  • Hey Laura - I just wanted to say as well that it's great that you are having your baby in Sydney because after you have the baby you will be put in contact (by the hospital) with your local Early Childhood Centre. They will then set you up with a mothers group. There was 12 ladies (& babies!) in my group, and we met every week for a year!! I made 2 really awesome friends from that group too - so it'll be a great way for you to meet people and hopefully help a bit with the homesickness, especially with a new baby :)
  • This is so nice to hear! Thank you for the information !
  • And yes, a get together would be great!
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