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out of the crib - advice?

so my lovely 2 1/2 year old has never expressed any interest in getting in or out of his crib (i know, lucky me). yesterday he was wired and skipped his nap, which happens about once a month, and today it seemed to be repeating. sure enough the little bugger climbed out of his crib 4 times during his "nap" and was quite pleased with himself. he has skills too - i didn't even hear him hit the ground. i put him in bed tonight after discussing how important it was to stay in bed and i put a gate up at his door - he was so tired from not having a nap he passed right out.so what is the next step? toddler bed or crib tent? i am firm on the whole "if you aren't going to nap it is quiet time" concept, but do i let him just play in his room or keep trying for naps? when did you know nap time was done?
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Re: out of the crib - advice?

  • We went straight to twin beds for the big boys. Less transitions and the twin beds we have are pretty low. We did use long rails on one side (ohter side is against the wall) for a short time. 

    My oldest is getting to the point he doesn't need to nap which is hard considering he's sharing a room with the middle who does need to nap in my opinion. I'm pretty sure we are getting to the point I'm going to have to put the oldest in our room for quiet time. Anyways, my rules for them are they do not have to nap but they must stay in bed and no talking for the full 2 hours. I have a tot clock like thing that has a nap timer on it.  If they talk or get out of bed they go to time out. Most of the time its fine. The oldest rolls around and plays with the 20 stuff animals in his bed. Some days he falls asleep and some days he doesn't. The middle almost always goes to sleep for at least an hour but this week he's just been laying there.   

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  • thanks for the advice!
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