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UTI or lightning crotch?

Just curious for those that have had similar experiences... For the past few days I've been having this weird pain in my groin area.  It feels like it's more inside, I don't have a clue how to explain it other than it's similar to a UTI/kidney stone.  I always get these hand in hand so I don't really know the difference. It's also a feeling of having to go the bathroom all the time - literally. I had some labs done and according to the doctor no bacteria or blood in urine and she said it's just "3rd trimester stuff" and people complain of painful vaginas all the time.  My confusion is that this literally feels exactly like it did when I had a uti before, it burns a little at times/feels tender when wiping, etc,  I have these little spasms in what to me feels closer to my bladder, not vagina or cervix or anything. It's not like a menstrual cramp that you can breath through, it's more like a spasm that's like wholy F! make it stop ... and then luckily it does for a few minutes. 


Apologize if this is tmi, I'm just confused as I could have sworn this was a uti and never heard of lightning crotch before until researching....  Does this sound like normal 3rd trimester stuff? 

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  • First me, lightening crotch is a sharp pain shooting through the front of my pubic bone.

    UTI for me is a burning sensation at my urethra when I pee. My bladder will hurt, kind of a throbbing dull pain, if I don't catch it in time.

    Kidney infection, severe back pain with UTI symptoms on top of that.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: Tender when wiping is probably just because you are more sensitive down there. I get that sometimes.
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  • Maybe look up round ligament pain?
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  • You might pick up a AZO Test kit, that way you would know for sure if it is or not a UTI. 
  • I was experiencing something similar and would have bet money that I had a UTI. But the urine test came back clear. My doc then checked my discharge, and I have a vaginitis. He said they are pretty common in pregnancy. I would get that checked next. GL and hope you feel better. 
  • I had the same thing going on. I thought it was a UTI, but all tests came back negative. The doctor told me the baby could be pressing against my bladder.  And my MW says since he's head down that will create pressure/spasms. If LO has his hands above his head or turned a certain way, he could be hitting a nerve which is painful.  Also, vaginal swelling is normal at this point which is why it could burn when wiping.  
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  • Thank you all!  We think in fact it was a kidney stone, just a small one, and the fact that baby was pushing on my bladder it was magnifying it.  This morning I woke up with extreme pain again around 6am, walked around, drank some water, and then went to the bathroom and felt something come out. went back to bed and everything was fine then :)  Thank god, I really didn't think I was going to make it another 2 months if that was just 3rd trimester stuff! 
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