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Elective US to determine sex?

Where did you go? Recommendations please and how early did you go?

Re: Elective US to determine sex?

  • I went to Portland ultrasound also known as ultrasona with my third and really enjoyed it. They use to have a place over in Tigard Beaverton area but now only have there one place I think in SE Portland . There super nice and friendly. I will be getting another ultrasound done in two weeks there and ill be 20 weeks . I don't like to go in before that just to be sure but I think they do gender ultrasounds as soon as 17 weeks. There the only place in Portland I have found outside of a practice or hospital that does gender and just for fun ultrasounds.
  • Ok just checked there located on SE Powell !
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  • I scheduled with them - I will be 15 w 1 d and they said they should be able to determine sex with 2D as long as baby's legs aren't crossed and the cord is not between the legs.  If not, they will have me in again for free, or until they are able to see it!
  • Awesome they were super nice to me with my last baby I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience.
  • They were great for me too! They did the gender at 14 days 5 weeks and she seemed certain she was a girl. Super fun I'm totally going to go back! 
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