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Stupid people!

There is an article on MSN about Kate Middleton's maternity style.  I kind of want to scream at some of the posts beneath it.  What is so wrong with wearing something that isn't a tent dress?  I personally think baby bumps are absolutely adorable.


Re: Stupid people!

  • I personally love wearing tops and dresses that show off my bump. Pregnancy is beautiful, IMO.
  • I find your post kind of funny since she is basically wearing a tent (cape) in the picture from that article. lol  

    I mean she's like what 15 weeks or so with her first?  It's not like she's really sporting any maternity looks yet.

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  • Yeah, the picture itself is sort of silly, since she clearly isn't really showing yet anyway.  But the comments are a bit ridiculous!  I hope this isn't what people are thinking of me when I wear my new tight black maternity dress!  It took enough courage for me to purchase it in the first place...but apparently "tent" dresses are much more appropriate.  

    Maybe I'll just buy a large tarp and cut a hole out for my head.  

  • Exactly.  I am sure she doesn't even have much of a baby bump at this point and I think she is probably wearing the cape to hide what she does have from the photogrpahers.  But then all these people are commenting and saying that what pregnant women these days wear is inappropriate and we should all dress like Kate. 
  • I am sure you look gorgeous in your LBD.  Some people are just ridiculous and need to go back to 1956.  The pregnant body is gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with sporting your baby bump and wearing your LBD. 

    I find the one comment quite hilarious.  They had "tent" dresses when she was pregnant and they were quite fashionable.  hhmmmm.......

  • I am showing off my bump more than I did with DD (though that was by accident). I look back at my first pregnancy and realized how tent-like my body looked and was determined to change it this time. I still think there is a tasteful way to show off the bump without looking vulgar. I gave up reading the commentary below because some people were just so ignorant. 

    EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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  • I so want that pancho she's wearing. I just wouldn't wear it now that I'm huge. It'll probably look ridiculous lol I also like showing off my bump. So people won't think I'm fat or why am I wobbling they can clearly see why.
  • Yeah I saw this too.  When I first started reading the comments I thought they must see women I've never seen that are wearing non-maternity clothes that don't fit properly around the belly or walking around in their bras or something.  I mean they were saying those women look like sluts.  But then similar comments would describe what they think pg women should be wearing!!!  My long-sleeve fitted shirt that hits beneath my hips.  My black dress that is flexible fabric and fits close to the body.  That is what they consider slutty?  Tent dresses are fashionable?  What?  Who are these people?
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  • The comment about pregnant women that show off their bellies "just looking bloated" was a bit much. Let's see what Kate looks like in another 15 weeks, I doubt she'll be sporting a tent dress. 
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  • Some women out there dress trashy, pregnant or not. I wouldn't pay much attention to comments on articles, anyway.
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  • I have to confess that I haven't worn a single "flowy" top since my bump became visible! I mean, I spend my entire life covering up the little bumps and flaws on my body, and I only have a total of 4-5 months to actually be proud of my protruding belly and curves - you bet I'm going to show it off with form-fitting shirts and sweaters! :)
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