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Moving back home question.

Hi, I've never posted before, but hope I can get some help! I will be moving home while my husband is deployed and it will be our final move as his time in the Marine Corps will be up shortly after this last deployment is over. I however will be going home when his deployment starts and staying there, because I am pregnant and want to be near at least family when the baby is born since he will be away. My question is since he will technically still have orders at this base will the military still move all of our stuff home or will we be responsible for that? Thanks for any help!

Re: Moving back home question.

  • When you move at the beginning of his deployment, they will not move your stuff. I suggest taking only what you need and putting the rest in storage. When your H redeploys and gets his terminal orders, they will pay to move him back home. 
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  • Ok, thank you! That makes a lot of sense! :
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  • You may look at doing a PODS style move as well. You can pack all of your items, put them in a PODS storage, they will hold your POD at your location for up to a year (you are paying for it) but it isn't much more than a storage unit. Once he gets his final orders request to have your POD moved to your new location and you can claim the move as  DITY move.
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