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Crohns deliveries question

I had my 34 week check up yesterday. The office I go to has 5 drs and I have been rotating lately to meet them all. I met with someone new yesterday and she mentioned since I have Crohns, she would recommend a c/s to avoid any further damage to my colon and perineal area. none of the others I met with mentioned this previously and my GI never mentioned anything either. Anyone with experience or knowledge? I'm kind of disappointed that I'm just now hearing this, now that I've been planning a vaginal birth all along. Thanks for at help or advice  you can offer
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Re: Crohns deliveries question

  • I'm lurking from the April board... I don't have Chron's, but I have Ulcerative Colitis. My high-risk doctor, GI doctor and I have been discussing the options for dealing with my disease and what it means for delivery. The route we are aiming for is a normal vaginal delivery. They said they would be more likely to suggest a c-section if I had any external ulcers or fibroids. The concern was that a vaginal delivery would irritate any external issues. I'm not sure where your disease is active, but maybe have your ob and GI doctor consult with eachother. Good luck!
  • I had the same concern! I go to a practice that has several physcians, and all said the same thing until my 34th visit last week with a different physcian. He asked me how I 've been feeling, and though my disease is not active right now (Crohn's and UC), he said well that's surprising! Just hope it continues after delivery. That was very discouraging especially since none of the other doctors said anything like that. Just saw my GI doctor too to make sure everything is ok, and he mentioned that usually pregnancy helps improve symptoms, and sometimes after the delivery it can cause flares r/t added stress. But that every person is different. Not once did my GI or other physicans state that is should look into a c-section possibility. Maybe it's just because everyone's diseases are so different? I'm not sure. I was also concerned because I take Remicade intravenously, but there hasn' been any scientific evidence that it causes harm to nursing baby or fetuses. My GI believe that it will actually help with the process of delivery... Maybe call your office ans ask to speak with a previous doctor you were with, and bounce his thoughts off oof the other doctors opinion...?
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  • I am in a similar boat. I don't have Crohns, but I have a history of ulceritic colitis which at one point caused kidney failure ( + I have a lower back injury)  so I have to have a CS as well because they don't want me to have the unnecessary stress associated with labor. Needless to say, I am freaking out. I am terrified to have a C-Section, but honestly , I am scared of a Vaginal delivery as well. This is my first baby. I have nearly put myself into a panic attack thinking about the procedure and recovery. I think I need to stop reading so much about it because I am only freaking myself out.


    Good luck with it. You will be fine :) 

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