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What brand humidifier to you have?

I hate humidifiers but I have to use one every night because C's skin is so dry. I really despise cleaning these things, because they get so moldy and disgusting and the one I have, you need to be a contortionist to clean. Do you have one that isrelatively easy to maintain? Thanks!
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Re: What brand humidifier to you have?

  • We had the Crane Frog one but it cracked.  Now we have the one Rara posted above.  As far as cleaning and care I like the Crane much better.  


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  • We have two Cranes (the frog and the owl).  After having neglected the frog for several months in a closet, I actually just pulled it out yesterday and it cleaned up great.  I had to use a toothbrush for some of the small areas, but it was pretty easy considering it had been almost a year since we last used it.  
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  • We have a safety first one that is very easy to clean. It's in the baby section at target and comes in pink and blue.
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  • We had the Crane frog but I was never able to get it totally clean and it just didn't put out enough mist to help us.  We switched to a larger Honeywell from Costco.  It works really well (puts out a good amount of mist) but does takes filters.
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