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Horrible experience at the mall

Today I went to the mall to grab a few things and to find a maternity dress for a formal military ball. Macy's didn't have ANY dresses at this location? and motherhood doesn't sell fancy dresses so my last stop was Dillard's. they had a bunch of cute dresses but I felt like I was in the movie mean girls! I kid you not the only sizes I could find were 9, 3, and 5! I tried on some 9's but they wouldn't pull over my belly and zip. So by this time it was 1 and I started to feel really hungry and realized I hadn't eaten since 8! I headed to the foot court and started getting EXTREMELY hot! Like sweat dripping down my back and I felt really light headed. I started striping off my clothes until I was only in a tshirt and still sweating profusely! So finally I get to the food court and at this point I just wanted ANY food to make me feel better so I stop at chik fil a, go to order, and realize I don't have my wallet!!! It took me 25 mins to walk back to my car bc I had to keep sitting down so I wouldn't pass out and I was dripping sweat from my face and my jeans were literally stuck to my body! It was so embarrassing/scary bc I haven't experienced anything like this before and people were staring at me like I was crazy. I got nothing accomplished today and felt too defeated to go back out!
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Re: Horrible experience at the mall

  • I am so sorry! Sad I had a similar experience when I went grocery shopping last week. It was scary. My OB said that my blood sugar was probably low. Which is probably what happened to you since you hadn't eaten. She said to make sure to always have some sort of food in my purse. I'm glad you didn't pass out though! That would have been really bad.

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  • Don't feel bad, don't you realize odd number sizes are only for the junior's department?  They really had those sizes in maternity?  What is that for, 16 and pregnant girls?  I'm sure you will find something nice somewhere else.
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  • It wasn't the maternity section! They didn't have a mat section and that was the only formal dress section they had!
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  • imagesdemilio1231:
    It wasn't the maternity section! They didn't have a mat section and that was the only formal dress section they had!

    OH, lol, you must have been in their prom section!  There's no way my 8 month pregnant body would fit into a normal size dress at this point!  Do you have a pea in the pod or a destination maternity nearby?  Or if you have time go online to isabella oliver, they are having a sale on their winter which includes formal dresses for xmas and NYE.  This one is cute:


    Or this one if you want something long:


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  • Aw, I'm sorry you didn't find a dress.  How frustrating!  I can relate to your food experience.  Yesterday, I waited too long to eat lunch and as I was standing in line at Potbelly's I started to sweat like crazy and felt like I was going to pass out.  I didn't forget my wallet though!  Sorry you had a crappy day! 
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  • It's low blood sugar. I'm hypoglycemic so I know this feeling. Try and keep a snack with you at all times. It is no fun and can be very scary. If you don't listen to your body in these situations it can get very serious and you can faint, vomit, etc.
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  • If you live in maryland I have a pretty dress that might fit you. :) But yea going shopping for clothes other then a maternity store sucks! Good luck hope you feel better :)
  • I know you may not want to but if you are going to a formal military ball, and you ar near your base go to the PX/BX. The tend to have something, not a ton, but something, outside of motherhood that is were I found the biggest selection.
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  • imagemal922:

    Ugh, that sounds horrible.  If I had been nearby at Chick Fil A, I would have offered to pay for your meal. :)

    I kind of had the same experience after my three hour glucose test and my doctor also said it was related to my blood sugar dropping after not eating since the prior evening.  Of course, that's what I was supposed to do for the test, and I'm sure the weird glucose drink didn't help.  By the time I finally had the opportunity to eat, I started sweating profusely and felt really light headed. 


    This was my exact experience. I had my 3 hr glucose test on a Thursday so I couldn't eat past midnight on Wednesday. Had dinner at 7 PM and fell asleep shortly after. By the time I got to the hospital for the test at 7 AM, it had already been 12 hours without so much as a crumb. They had told me to get there no later than 7:15 for whatever reason, but I wasn't even allowed to drink the stuff until 9 AM! So it was 12:15 PM by the time I got back out to my car and of course I had left my box of granola bars on the counter at home.

    By the time I fought through rush hour traffic to the closest place that sold food (excluding McDonalds as it makes me puke) it was almost  1 PM and I was shaking so bad I could hardly stand long enough to pay for my purchase. Was awful and now I always make sure to replace the box of granola bars I keep in my car when I'm down to the last 3 instead of waiting until I'm out. 

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