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NBR: What are you getting SO for Valentines day?

I have NO idea what I am going to do for DH, are you and your SO doing anything special or do you have a cool gift idea you can share?
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Re: NBR: What are you getting SO for Valentines day?

  • I was thinking about this yesterday, but then I was like, that's silly...haha. I think I will just get him a cute V-day shirt to wear or something...or a "heart" chew toy? I call them chew toys b/c I have a dog I think! lol
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  • We don't get gifts for valentine's day.  We just do cards and go out for a nice dinner together.  This year we are leaving DD with her grandparents so we can go out to this great fondue place in town.
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  • I do the same thing every year...I'm totally boring. I have an Edible Arrangement (the flowers made out of fruit) sent to him at work. We usually go out to dinner and a movie too, but this is our first year with a LO so now that's dependent on if we can find a sitter or not!  

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