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My shoes are killing me.  Does anyone have a shoe they love that is soft and comfy


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  • I love my TOMS. I got a pair for Christmas and I want them in every color now.
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  • I would get your feet measured.  My feet grew a full size and got wider when I was pregnant with my son.  It may not be the shoe...your shoe size might have changed.  Plus, I would only wear flats at this point.
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  • I've been in flip flops for a couple months now ... Reefs
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  • I miss flip flops, damn you Minnesota.

    Anyways I wear my running shoes. I work at a school so fairly flexible wardrobe. My feet and back feel wonderful :
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  • Our feet are swollen and spreading wider due to relaxin, there's nothing that can be done about it and it should not be permanent.

    Buy some inexpensive and comfortable shoes to tide you over. Make sure you can slide your feet in without having to bend over! I had been wearing rinning shoes but it's become too much of a struggle to put them on. I just went to DSW and got Crocs Jayna, and can't believe how comfy they are. It's a Mary Jane style and I've gotten so many compliments, only 25 bucks. And I picked up a pair of Easy Spirits black suede slip ons off the clearance rack for 30. Both give great support but don't require me to touch my feet which I am soon going to no longer be able to do. On mobile but may post links later.
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  • I ended up throwing fashion and my pride out the window and I bought a pair of extra wide Clarks flats..... They are ugly black granny shoes but I can actually put them on without pulling a muscle and I can wear them all day teaching 9 year olds!
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  • I've been wearing running shoes all the time. Not too fashionable but hey, I'm prego. People can't expect us to wear cutsie shoes. Flats make my feet hurt because there's no arch support but running shoes are good. Hopefully you have a pair of shoes already that don't hurt because buying new shoes at this point might not be worth it. By the time you break them in you won't need them anymore. Good luck!
  • I have been wearing flats or slippers that look like flats. My feet have not changed in length, just swollen: wider and soo puffy I can't wear anything that covers the top of my foot. Good luck. I have been told many times it's only going to get worse. So get something comfy.
  • Here's the shoes I got - fabulously comfy right out of the box, no break-in time needed. Had me asking myself why I waited so long to get some!

    Croc Jayna:



    Easy Spirit Easyness (got off the clearance rack, dont see on the DSW site)


    Here's another site that has them but they are $45 instead of $30 (I'd still look at DSW in store if you can)


    I dont mind spending $60 on 2 pair of comfy shoes as your feet don't return to normal overnight, so it will be a while (at least a few months) before my old shoes fit again.

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  • I have been living in my running shoes and my uggs - even at work
  • Thank you, I was looking at these shoes and wondering if they were any good 


  • i have ugg clogs... i got them as a gift, they were always too big and now they fit like a glove!
  • I wear Birkenstocks every day (but I did even before I was pregnant).
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  • I'm living in Uggs with loose socks.  My feet swell throughout the school day.

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  • My feet were an 11 pre-preg and I'm pretty rough on shoes but these have lasted for a while. I'm doing an 11 1/2 b/c of swelling. Found 2 comfy pairs at payless. 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of really low-key sneaker-ish shoes. They are having BOGO right now too.




  • TOMS are the best. The only shoes that I can wear that will expand with my swollen feet and are comfy too!

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