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Cottage cheese was a bust haha

I've slowly been giving DD "real" food.  She has been eating stage 2 foods for a while and then I gave her puffs, yogurt melts, bananas and cheerios and now we have moved on to bigger and better things lol.  She seems to enjoy cut up pieces of fruit, yogurt, mashed potatoes and avocado.  Today we tried cottage cheese with some stage 2 pears mixed in with it.  She did not like it.  I'm thinking it was the texture/consistency of it.  I will try again tomorrow morning to see if she's changed her mind.  I also bought some stage 3 foods and last night gave her sweet corn and carrots that had pieces of carrots in it that she had to chew and she was totally thrown off by it.  Again it didn't seem to be her thing.  Hoping as I continue to give her things she will start to get the whole idea of "chewing" and won't be turned off by things that aren't pureed.


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Re: Cottage cheese was a bust haha

  • Just keep trying it.

     My SIL gave me some stage 3 mac and cheese jars that her son didn't like.  I gave it to ds 2 weeks ago and he hated it.  Then 2 days later he tolerated a few bites but was kind of spitting out the pasta pieces (they are like little round super soft pasta shape).  Last night I have it to him and he ate about 4-5 oz like a champ!!!  I was thrilled.

    I give him pureed food most of the time and follow up with some kind of table food.  He's learning so quick!

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  • Cottage cheese was a bust at our house too lol.  DS mainly eats table/finger foods, we do an occasional puree in like oatmeal or something, so he's definitely used to textures, but we've tried cottage cheese several times and he seems to choke every time.  He would eat a little if I put it on his tray and he could pick some up himself, but still wasn't a big fan.  Maybe one day!
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  • cottage cheese was a bust for us too. i didn't want to waste it so i pureed it and he eats it fine mixed with fruit.

    however, black beans is his new thing! if you haven't tried them, put them on her tray and see how she likes them

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