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Lack of appetite, feeling so bloated?

Anybody else feeling sooooo bloated/stretched to the max that if you eat anything you are going to explode??  I just haven?t wanted to eat in the last two days.  So completely opposite from last week when it seemed like I couldn?t stop eating?

I?ve been eating small little snacks because I know I need to eat it?s just so frustrating
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Re: Lack of appetite, feeling so bloated?

  • That was me yesterday! When I got home from work, I couldn't eat anything and went straight to bed. I got plenty of rest and LO was bouncing all over the place when I got up this morning! I'm feeling much better today. I think I just needed more rest to allow my body to catch up.
  • I've been saying since November that I have no room left in there for food. It makes me so sad because I love eating (especially on Thanksgiving!!). In the last week or so I've been super starving all day long and I've found that if I eat small amounts all day (usually about an hour in between snacks) I satisfy the hunger and don't feel overly full or bloated.
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  • Yep, I can still eat but it has to be little amounts. So I end up grazing. I eat whenever I'm hungry, and whatever I want (sweets, carbs, etc) but I've still lost weight over the past two weeks. (which is NOT normal for me!)
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  • I don't feel full or bloated but I don't have much of an appetite right now. Today has been my worst day, actually. I feel a bit nauseated and have no desire to eat anything. I'm glad that we're having frozen pizza for dinner tonight because I can't stomach the thought of cooking anything more than that. :S
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