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NBR - Work Printer

So the floor I work on has the crappiest photocopier/printer EVER!  It barely works, makes crazy loud noises and jams constantly.  We have put in requests for  a new one many times, but it always gets denied by IT/Management who says it "works just fine". 

Well the IT guy is here today doing something, and when he went to print the printer jammed for him.  He has spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure it out.  I sit next to the stupid thing, and know how to un-jam it. But  I am not going to help him!  Maybe its the pregnancy hormones, but it makes me feel good inside that that karma is at work.

Thank goodness my last day is tomorow, because I am becoming bitter!

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Re: NBR - Work Printer

  • Sometimes its just nice for someone else to deal with something you have had to put up with for a while!  my computer at work has been on the fritz for a while and i have kept telling them that it literally has everything for the office on it and our IT also reccomended that it be replaced, well months went by with nothing being done, i finally decided whatever, if it dies, it dies and its not like i have not been begging for a new one! after the doc. put me off work, my boss was trying to use it and he was having a hard time getting it to do anything, well he tried to use it for a week and my co-worker told me that they ordered me another one! it was just so nice to be justified that i was not crazy, something was actually wrong with it!
  • I work at a school. Our printer/copier is broke more often than it is working!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous, so I feel your pain! We had like 6 emails today its working, oh wait never mind, yay someone fixed it, oh never mind it jammed again
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