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Mini update on my 10 yo SS

So DH and his ex were to have the parent meeting with the graduate pyschology student a few weeks ago. The day before he followed up with his ex to make sure she hadn't forgotten. She had and said "oh, we had plans to go to (a local yearly event that lasts a month)." DH told her that he was still going and did she have any of her own concerns that she wanted him to bring up because we had a lot of trouble scheduling the appointment in the first place because DH's Ex kept saying she couldn't do certain days (she doesn't work or anything). His ex said she would text him her concerns. Her text literally consisted of one thing "the only thing that really concerns me is that when he is in trouble, he sits in the middle of his room screaming and crying no one loves me or I hate this family/you" Basically describing his usual reaction when he goes into meltdown mode.

DH's meeting with the student went well. They discussed how his ex is pretty much content with SS's ADHD diagnosis and thinks all his behaviors are caused by that. They are planning for the first phase of his testing now, but they determined to only schedule them during our time with my SS since his mom already bailed on one appointment. She gave us two BASC-2 to fill out, one for DH and one for his Ex.


Re: Mini update on my 10 yo SS

  • I agree on the teacher aspect, except one possible problem. They just moved school districts right before Christmas so SS has not been with his current teachers for even a full grading period yet- it was the middle of the last one and a new one just started. Perhaps, we can have one of his old teachers complete forms. The psych student mentioned having teachers complete forms after they do their two testing sessions for SS. I'm not sure why they are waiting until after on that, exactly.

    A few years back when testing was on the table, we asked his mom to do the PDD assessment at childbrain. DH had scored him on it as well. She reported back to us that it mentioned her results indicated "mild" PDD and DH's indicated "moderate." We will have to wait and see how they rate him on this one.

    I am interested to see how this comes out. I see ASD flags in him but he presents so differently than DD, obviously and it could be a modge-podge of other things as well.


  • Hasn't the BM always sort of put your SS and his needs 2'nd to everything else in her life?  I might be mixing you up with someone else from BF (sorry if I am).  It's great that they know now that your DH is really the primary go to on this since she is flakey and inconsistent.
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