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Oh my pressure!

This kid is soooo low, he is putting so much pressure on my cervix.  At times it feels like the same pressure I felt when I was 10cm dilated while in labor.  It's crazy.  Walking makes it 10x worse, sometimes after walking even 20 feet I'm holding my stomach and struggling to make it, not in pain, but it's just physically hard to walk, I don't know how else to explain it!  Anyone else?  I had/felt pressure when I went from sitting to standing when I was pregnant with DD, but not this intense.
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Re: Oh my pressure!

  • Yes me too! :( had an internal done today and she could actually feel his head. He is sooo low it feels like he's going to fall out. It takes me so long to walk a couple feet down the hall at work now lol
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  • Im having the same problem expecially when I get up in the morning it takes everthing I have to move it physically hurts not just presure Its nothing like my first its probley because all the muscles are all stretched out It makes it feel like im going to go into labor at anytime. It also doesnt help that my doctor told me that they wouldnt stop labor if the baby decides to come anytime after 35 weeks.
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  • Yup pressure and a little pain. It has become so hard sometimes to walk and in the mornings it takes everything in me to take those first few steps. I live on the 4th floor and its taking me more n more time to get up here. I have a support belt it helps some but not that much when she's so low. It feels like I have a bowling ball lol
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  • Ahhh! Between your post the other day and this one...you're making me nervous, mama!
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  • I'm the same way. I actually went to L&D the other night because I was feeling more pressure than 10 cm dialated with the last one. I thought it could be a UTI but no it's just that his head is so low already.
  • I have been feeling the same way for the past few weeks, but increasingly so. I've just recently started driving around campus at work rather than walking. I feel okay if I'm sitting, but walking is really uncomfortable. Especially when I first stand up after sitting or lying down a long time. I had a hard time just getting through Wal Mart the other day and I was concerned I might not make it! Like others have said, it feels like a baby is getting ready to fall out! It is a sore feeling in my pelvis, like I've been punched and bruised from the inside. Plus the weight of my stomach pulling down on my groin with every step. I tried a support belt but it ended up feeling more constrictive than supportive. I'm starting to wonder how much more I can take. If I've got 6+ more weeks, I just cannot imagine being able to continue functioning at that point. Every day at work is a challenge right now. And it is frustrating at home because I have so much I want and need to be doing (cleaning/nesting). I have the desire and the "mental energy" to do it, but I just can't get around the house anymore to clean and do anything even remotely physical. I wish I could hire a maid!!!
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