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Advice needed

Friday will be 2 weeks of me being on bed rest and I went back to the doctor today to find out I will be on bed rest until 36 weeks (I was 33 weeks yesterday).  I take Procardia 3 times a day and do at home monitoring and once I reach 36 weeks I will stop bed rest and Procardia and whatever happens, happens.

My first question is does anyone have a similar story they can share with me where they were taking procardia and on bed rest and then taken off and how long after they actually ended up delivering?

And my second question is does anyone have advice on how to not go crazy on bed rest for this long?? 

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Re: Advice needed

  • I was on strict hospital bed rest from 27 weeks until I was induced at 37 weeks with DS- let me tell you, 10 weeks on my left side without being allowed to get out of bed was NOT fun but it is doable.  

    I watched a LOT of shows on Netflix- start a long series like Lost or The Wonder Years and you will be shocked how quickly the days go by. I also scrap booked, posted on here a lot, gave myself manicures, knitted/crocheted baby items, did crossword puzzles, etc. Hang in there!

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  • Are you into reading at all?  I have become obsessed with the Game of Thrones book series.

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  • I just finished 11 weeks of strict at-home bedrest and it was so hard!  They let me off at 33 weeks and I am back at work, taking it easy now.  I read Game of Thrones, watched seasons of Dexter and Downton Abby, made photo books on snapfish and learned to knit.  Every one of my friends who has a baby in the future will be getting a baby hat and mittens from me, haha.  Good luck!
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