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brag day wednesday!!

post those brags! no brag too small!
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  • Nate licked his upper lip the other day. I caught him doing it during circle time at school. I wanted to shout "Did you see that???" to everyone in the room.  

    Half the folks in the room were deaf and my signing skills are not advanced enough to explain how huge this was for me. So I gleefully kept it in.



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  • I've been letting Owl pick a book to read before bedtime, she always picks the same one, I Wish I Were A Dog. I read each line then repeat one or two words at a time for her to copy, not only is she copying the words, sometimes she says the next word before I even say it! Her words are getting clearer and she is trying to figure out where her tongue goes for the L sound.
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  • DD had another blood draw yestereday for food allergies ("milk") this time - even though she stopped at the door and cried when she saw the chair she did not have to be dragged in nor squirmed during even though stuck twice.

    Still testing and I am hoping that yesterday's blood draw was the last invasive test for awhile.

  • Owen peed in the potty for the first time!
  • I would say Grant can sit independently now. He wobbles a lot and his arms are in a high guard position and I still wouldn't leave him alone because he falls sometimes, but I'm going to give him credit for sitting in his baby book.

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  • DD ate purees. The nanny gave some to her in a syringe and she took it. She also took some from a pouch. She is engaging her mouth a lot more. Pulling her from daycare was really the best thing we ever did.

  • C actually said "more please" the other day with a small prompt when asking for something. It's the first time that he has asked for more without shoving a bowl/cup/plate in my face repeatedly until I get him what he wants. His teachers are amazing and I have seen so much improvement out of him since he started the preschool program. 
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  • Lauren signed mama upon request AND it was in front of her teacher! Them later on I was asking, with words and sign, if she wanted to eat or if she wanted milk. She signed eat!!
    Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect
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  • After taking about 5 weeks off, I decided it was time to pur Sir I back in underpants - we stopped over Christmas break and then getting pullups from Medicaid has taken that financial pressure to potty train off our shoulders!

    He is doing awesome. No diapers since Satuerday, except naps and nights, and he has had less than 2 accidents each day. Not counting poop tho b/c he has no idea when that's about to happen.

    He continues to amaze me :)

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  • There are some awesome brags this week. :)

    We are working with DD1 on drawing, because she had a really hard time with the concept of abstract representations of things. This week she learned to draw an eagle (of course) and a house.

    We finally had snow here this week, and she went down the little hill by our house by herself about a dozen times yesterday, and dragged the sled back up on her own. I'm also impressed that she can get her gloves on and off by herself. 


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • My husband has been gone since Saturday, and the boys have boys have been a delight!  They have really been behaving awesome, and I'm so proud of them.

    J is speaking in more and more English, and it's getting easier to understand.  I sometimes wonder if that's because we're used to it.  I'm interested in seeing what his teachers say at our next conference.

    M has been working really hard at school, too, and is getting concepts I never thought he'd learn.  He now knows the days of the week, usually in order, the difference between "tomorrow" an "the day after," can count money and do large addition and subtraction on paper (using touch math), and has been elaborating his sentences and using more and more descriptive words!  I'm so happy we have his current teacher, and that she'll be his teacher next year, too!

  • DS is now responsible for feeding our red beta fish that Santa brought! His name is Goldfish!

    He was so proud last night and said "I did it!" "Fish is eating!"

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  • At conferences today, we got the expected information about his rigidity, problems with transition, and anxiety. But, his teacher also said that whenever someone is upset or hurt, DS is always the first kid over there trying to make that person feel better. MY KID. The one that I have seen laugh manaically and keep on running the race when a friend falls and skins a knee.

    I suspect it is because the last time he did that, I sat him down and told him it is a "rule of life" to stop playing and go try to help someone that is hurt, but I hadn't seen him actually ever do it. As a rule follower, that probably really sank in, but still. MY kid helps other kids up and gives them hugs to help them feel better. The kid that used to have a five foot personal space radius!
  • Saturday morning I was playing with the baby in the living room and noticed that I couldn't hear Chris, not a peep.  As anyone with a little one knows - silence means they're up to something.  He wasn't in his room and I thought dammit - he's playing in the bathroom again.  And I was right, except he'd moved his little step stool and was sitting (pants on) on the toilet swinging his legs saying "pee pee" and flushing the toilet.  

    No he hadn't actually gone "pee pee" in his training pants but he made the connection and has lost his fear of the toilet.  yay! 

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  • I love this post every week and so glad to find other proud mamas who celebrate every small victory like I do!

  • The PT room where DS2 has his private PT sessions is a large room where both PTs work with a client at the same time. The friend (or mother??) of the other parent in the room today said after our sessions that she hadn't come to a session in awhile but said that my son was doing better and had made progress since the last time she had seen him! 

  • For Lily's 2nd birthday, we asked family and friends to donate money toward a tablet.  After a lot of research, we finally got an ipad mini and downloaded My Talk Tools.  Lily has been using the AAC app for the past week and has really caught on.  She's finally pointing (instead of pawing) at the pictures, and she's able to use the app in many different settings - therapy, play, feeding, eating and making choices.  She's used it the past 3 mornings to pick out her outfit for the day.

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  • DS made it all night Tuesday night without wetting his pull-up, then wore underwear and peed in the potty in the morning 3 times. DH even sent him to school in his underwear! Trying to get to the bathroom, he couldn't open the door and generated his own sentence: "Door! It stuck!"

    Now for the open letter (I know this is for a different day but totally related):

    Dear Dad (who watches DS two afternoons a week),

    DS is potty training. I do NOT count it as DS's accident if you didn't remind him and take him to the potty at any time in the 3 hours after he got home from school, AFTER you probably gave him more juice or milk than he needed all day. Also, we pay you far too much to watch your own grandson for us to come home to the house in the state it is in every time you come over. You're an adult, not a teenaged girl. Get with it. In addition, when I ask you to start the bedtime routine (bath, brush teeth, stories, lie down), it is not to make your evening difficult. It is to shorten DH's and mine after a FULL day of work and then an evening of classes. When we get home at 830 and our 3-year-old is excited to see us, we know it will be 10pm or later before he goes to bed. Even though we want to see him, too, 8/830 is bedtime. He needs his sleep.


    Your exhausted daughter 

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