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Hello Dads,
How much time are you planning or took off after your baby was born?
Thank you!

Re: time off

  • I'm planning on taking about 2 weeks.

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  • First time due to how our kid arrived in terms of time of year (late December), I took the week of delivery/hospital/arrival home off, worked the following week, then took the following 2 weeks off... so 3 out of 4 weeks off.

    This time our kid is coming much earlier in the year, so 2 weeks off, all in a row.

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  • I'm planning on taking 2 weeks off when my kid is born in late July. I'll take another 2 weeks off later in the year, probably around Christmastime. I just kind of figured that since my wife is planning on breastfeeding, and I know newborns spend most of their time sleeping, it's tough to feel super useful immediately after the kid is born. I've got no problem changing diapers, or getting up in the middle of the night, but there's really not a whole lot I can do in terms of feeding.....
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  • I plan atleast 2 weeks minimum myself and it really depends on how wife and baby are doing. I'm fortunate to be self employed so technically I can take as long as needed, however I believe the wife will make me go back to work immediately..lol.. 
  • I took two weeks off....I would have taken more if I could have, but we wanted to save some of my PTO for anything that could have come up in the first few months with the boy.

    I cannot imagine taking less time off and leaving my wife to deal with the first weeks alone.  We were both suffering from sleep deprevation as it was, so I cannot imagine anyone doing it alone.

    If any soon to be dads have a wife who needs to go through the C-Section thing, you will have no choice...you will have to be home for two weeks because the wife will not be able to do one thing on her own.


  • I took a month off. I have lots of time saved up and the state of California gives all parents 6 weeks with State pay. I mixed up both to make sure there wasn't a gap in payroll for me. ALSO my wife had an emergency c-section so she needed me at home a little longer, it worked out get.
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  • I was working as a temp engineer so I had just enough time off to help with the delivery and spend the rest of the day with my wife.  I was back at work the next day.
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  • I stayed home for 10 days to take care of my wife and son. I only had to use 5 sick days the way my work schedule fell over that two week span. Which is the exact amount my contract states a father gets to assist his wife postpartum. Woman on the other hand get one year paid if they have the time accrued. God bless them.

    I work for a government agency and get 6 weeks of PTO & 48 available swaps per calendar year. So with creative vacation and swap picks I worked out having 8 to 10 consecutive days off per month from February to December 2013. I don't want to miss my son growing up and as long as I work for this agency I will keep this schedule for years to come.

    Good luck in your planning and remember your wife will need some help especially the first few days home from the hospital. Be safe.


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