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Boy - Girl Head Count Results

Well the results are in and are majorly skewed as we have most of the information such as method, fresh/frozen, medicated/unmedicated for most of the boys but very little information for the girls.

Oh and for same sex twins, if yours are identical can you let me know so I can only count you once?

Before we can really drill down the statistics I thought I would post one more time trying to get more information.

I will say right now the boy vs girl ration is 24 Girls to 25 boys so we are pretty well split as it stands right now.  This counts all children born and those who know the sex and are pregnant.  

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Boy - Girl Head Count Results

  • fraternal twins for us
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  • We'll no longer be team green by Monday the 4th if the baby lets us see. V has decided she needs to know :)


    Hopefully I can tell you next week (I think its a boy!) 

    IUI #1 - 10 April 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #2 - 05 May 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #3 - 05 July 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #4 - 30 August 2012 medicated and monitoredLetrozole and Ovidrel Trigger 
    IUI #5 - 27 September 2012 Letrozole 
    BFP! 9 October 2012 Betas:- 12DPO 16; 16DPO 96; 18DPO 315

    Baby Alarico born on 28 June 2013!!

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  • Thats very interesting! Thanks for putting this together!

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    Ultrasound at 18 weeks on 7/14/2014. Baby is healthy and growing just as she should!


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  • Wow! Right down the middle? Amazing...
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  • I honestly don't remember if I responded to your original inquiry - so please don't count me twice, but here are our family's stats:

    one girl

    due April 16, 2013

    frozen sperm

    at-home ICI

    no medications

    The word you're looking for is SEX.  I promise.  No, it's not gender.  It's sex.  You're welcome.
  • TWIN GIRLS - for now they are FRATERNAL but because they are same sex and same blood type there is a 5% chance they can be Identical.  I am not paying money to find out so we will just say FRATERNAL

    frozen sperm  using IVF

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  • I don't think I had put ours out.. Fresh/KD - Boy (3/2010)

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