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Anyone else have a kid traumatized by the dentist??

Took Cason to the dentist who said he does not normally pressure kids who are fearful. Well, Cason is fearful. Unfortunately, the dentist saw a spot on one of Cason's molars and felt he really need to check it to make sure it wasn't a cavity, which I totally understand.

Basically Cason was not having it and ended up basically having to be physically restrained with a clamp in his mouth to keep it open while the dentist checked the spot. The whole time Cason was screaming bloody murder.

Well, now, I can't get him to let me brush his teeth on that side the dentist poked around on. It has been getting worse. He clamps his mouth shut when I get to that part and then ultimately starts crying or has a tantrum about it. I have tried to reason with him that we have to brush so he doesn't have to go back to the dentist anytime soon, but he is not grasping that. Anybody have anything like this happen?

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Re: Anyone else have a kid traumatized by the dentist??

  • No advice, sorry. Bailey had HORRIBLE experience at the dentist and not b/c she wasn't gentle or awesome. He just hated it. He screamed the whole time and we had to go to a private room b/c he was freaking everyone else out. I'm not looking forward to this next visit. 
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  • Was it his first visit?  Only asking because Mia has been several times and it was awful, bad, somewhat ok, and getting better with each visit.

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  • I would get another little brush and have him brush his cars or trains teeth first, then take a turn on his mouth. Owen also loves to look at himself in the mirror while we are brushing. Lately I've been playing music on my phone while we are brushing and getting ready for bed, just to make it more fun and move it along. My kid can drag his feet like crazy.

    Owen was fine the first time at the dentist but hated it last time. Who knows what the next visit will bring? 

    I hope it gets better!

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  • It will get better. My daughter at first was screaming at the dentist. Now its no problem.


    Hang in there.

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