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Speaking of legal fees--question for NJ adoptive moms

We need to readopt the boys in NJ, and have been procrastinating because of the expensive quotes I've gotten.  I've been toying with the idea of doing it myself, since we're all legal and everything and this would just be a formality so we can get NJ certificates of live birth, adoption decrees, and never have to worry about any wills being contested or anything.

Did you use a lawyer that had reasonable fees and you would recommend?  (I must admit have haven't asked before because I assumed most use lawyers through their agency, but the other post got me thinking this might not be the case.) 

Re: Speaking of legal fees--question for NJ adoptive moms

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    As I told PP, I hate our area.  Such a racket.  I would try to get one that doesn't have offices in both NJ and NY so you are not subsidizing their office costs.  Perhaps you can find someone just starting out that just needs the experience vs. the money.  HATE these lawyers.  GL.

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  • We haven't been placed yet so we haven't used a lawyer but I"ll dig through my papers and find the list of suggested lawyers from our Agency.
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  • we adopted from Korea in August. He came home not finalized. After our 6 month post-placement visit (in February), we will be able to start the finalization process.

       we live in Morris county. We're just planning to do it ourselves. Our social worker (Through Holt International) told us to call the county clerk, and told us what paperwork we needed to request. I think pretty much all of their families do it without a lawyer. It doesn't seem too bad, and will save us a lot of money in lawyer fees. Yours will probably be even a little "easier" because you're already finalized...

  • I'm in Middlesex County and when I called the Surrogate's office, I was told that there are no forms or anything that I can use.  The clerk told me that I would have to go to the court's library and the librarian could show me an example of what my petition should look like and that I should be able to pretty much copy it and just change the details for our family, but to be honest, the whole library visit and drafting up the paperwork myself sounds daunting.  What if the examples aren't really what I'm looking for or aren't the right/most recent wording or something?  I draft legislation for a living, and I think this has be a bit paranoid.

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