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Hey, just curious about what kind of herbs you took to lengthen your luteal phase while doing acu? 

 Right now I'm taking this Jade Disperse stuff and have to switch to Jade Moon or something like that after I ovulate. 

It's all confusing to me, but I'm just following exactly what my acupuncturist says to do!   

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02/18/11, 05/24/12 and 12/03/13

Re: amandaleigh1

  • I wish I could tell you! I went to a Chinese Dr of TCM, and she tinkered all the time with my herbs. The stuff I had to drink was completely a mystery to me. This was hard because I'm a scientist, and I am one if those must know everything annoying patients. My TCM dr also had me taking sheep placenta pills. Totally gross I know, but I decided to do exactly as she told me in the slightest chance that it would get me KU.

    My treatment made my charts very nice looking with strong ovulation and luteal phases as long as 12 days. My luteal phase without herbs and acu was around 10 days.

    IVF #1 ET 1 d3 embryo 10/30/11 BFP
    3 Embryos frozen (1 d5, 2 d6)

    DS born 07/29/12

    FET #1 ET 1 d5 embryo 02/10/15 BFN

    FET #2 1 d6 embryo didn't survive thaw, transferred last d6. CP :(

  • That's amazing!  My LP is like 7-8 days :(  

     I'm just blindly listening to the lady I'm seeing too ... I hope she works magic for me ;) 

    *My Loves, My Life, My Littles*

    02/18/11, 05/24/12 and 12/03/13

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