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update-visit with my birthson

I was able to have my visit with my birthson finally. It was cancelled and rescheduled so sorry for the delay.

It went great. I wasnt too emaotional and handled it better than expected. I loved seeing how happy he was with his APs they are so loving and affectionate with him. It was a nice relief to see how well they were all adjusting. I got to hold him and sooth him and wow did it feel good! I was even able to call him by his new name (they changed it after the adoption)

Thanks for all your support.

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Re: update-visit with my birthson

  • Wonderful to hear!
    Those moments are so precious, I'm glad all went well! :)
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  • I'm so glad it was a good visit and that you feel positive about it!

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    Always great to hear about BM/AP/LO visits.  Glad it went well and thanks for the update.

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  • I"m glad it went well. here's to many more GTGs
  • That's great. I'm glad it went so well for you.

  • That is awesome! Thanks for the update :-)

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  • Glad it went so well! 



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