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9-10 month old-Feeding schedule?

I'm wondering what your LO's feeding schedule is like? How many Ounces of formula and solids are you giving throughout the day?


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Re: 9-10 month old-Feeding schedule?

  • 7am Bottle, 5-6oz

    8:30 Breakfast, whatever we are eating. If I do a puree he eats around 4oz.

    10:00 Bottle, 4-6oz

    1:00 Bottle, 4-6oz

    2:00 Lunch, whatever we are eating. I always give him finger foods for lunch. 

    4:00 Bottle, 4-6oz

    6:00 Dinner, whatever we are eating. If I do a puree he eats about 4oz. 

    7:30 Bottle, 4-6oz

    Sometimes he gets snacks in between. 


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  • 7am: 7oz bottle

    8am: 6oz solids

    10am: 7oz bottle

    12pm: 4-5oz solids

    1:30pm: 7oz bottle

    4:30pm: 7oz bottle

    6pm: 6oz solids

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  • We've been on 3 meals since 9 months and have quit purees about 2 weeks ago.  We just follow his ques and he has his own little pattern.  This is our typical schedule: 

    6am - 11 oz bottle

    10:00ish - Breakfast - Bite sized fruit and whatever we are having with a sippy of water

    2:00ish - Lunch - Bite sized veggies with whatever we're having with water

     5:00pm - Dinner - Same as lunch

    6pm - Bedtime

    He also takes a snack bottle; but that time varies, sometimes it's in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

    He use to take a bedtime bottle, but now he refuses to drink it.  That's been going on for about a week now.  

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  • To preface, I am still nursing and doing BLW (so no purees).  My best guess on the amount DD eats during nursing is based on my typical pump sessions while at work. 

    7AM: nursing session 5-6 oz.

    8:30AM: Breakfast (typically oatmeal with fruit, wheat germ & ground chia seeds)

    10AM: Bottle or sippy cup of pumped BM 5-6 oz.(or nursing session if I am home)

    12:30PM:  Lunch varies (a protein: black beans, lentils or tempeh, with steamed and cubed veggies)

    2PM:  Snack (if desired) typically cubed fruit (apple, pear, banana or kiwi)

    4:30PM: quick nursing session 2-3 oz.

    6PM: Dinner (whatever we eat- we're vegetarians)

    7PM: Nursing session 5-6 oz. at bedtime


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