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babbling question

hello my son who is almost 10 months old (9 months old adjusted) used to be pretty verbose.  he would babble constantly and do his "alien speak".  now i've noticed that his babbling has decreased considerably, though i want to say he's the same in every other respect.  it's probably been a few days at the most now.  is this just a phase or something to be concerned about?  my friends say that he's probably just acquiring a new skill...which i hope is the case.  i sent a message to his twin sister's pt but haven't heard back.  anyone else experience something similar?  thanks in advance!

Re: babbling question

  • Ds does this with everything. He learns something new, does it constantly for a day or 2, then takes a break for a while.
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  • Yes! DS is ten months tomorrow and I was JUST telling my husband last night I have noticed he isn't babbling nearly as much as he used to. He still "talks" but he isn't yelling "DADADADADADA" all day like he used to. He did just start getting really good at pulling up, cruising furniture, getting used to where his feet are, etc, so maybe he is honing all of his energy on mastering those skills. I'm glad it seems to be normal!
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