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pees on the potty but CANNOT poop unless wearing a diaper...

So we are in week 2 of PT, DS is finally getting the hang of telling me when he needs to go, yesterday and today we haven't had any peeing accidents. Today he has an upset stomach so he has pooped a couple of times, so I threw him back in a diaper. My question is DS used to be very regular, pretty much even to the time of day, every day. Since we have started PT he holds it until he is so constipated that he scream and cries while pooping, and he will only poop if he is wearing a diaper. Is this normal? If your LO did this how long did it take for them to decide to/be able to poop on the potty?
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Re: pees on the potty but CANNOT poop unless wearing a diaper...

  • my youngest DD who is not 12yrs old did the same thing, she would pee on the potty but pooping oh no she would still do that in her pull up. It takes some time it took her about a month before she was finally comfortable pooping on the potty but once she did OMG it was like her best day ever.

    Relax breath no child ever went to college not potty trained, my oldest DD now 15yrs was worse she was 4yrs old going into pre-school and she was so excited but we told her you cannot wear your pull ups there you have to go on the potty so out of fear of missing out on pre-school she started but man was she a PIA LOLOLOL

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  • Pooping on a potty can be scary to a kid, they are used to feeling it in their diaper when it happens, so when they do it on a potty, it can feel like they are losing a part of themselves (from experience with toddlers in a daycare). Putting him in a diaper is probably not the best idea when you've started PT though. You really want to pick a route (pull-ups, undies, whatever) and stick with it. A child needs consistency to get it down, and when you are switching them back and forth they get confused that sometimes it's okay to pee or poop themselves and sometimes it's not. We spend an hour or more on the toilet when my 2 YO needs to poop, and their is a lot of crying involved, but when she does it and I get applaud her and reward her with a sticker for her potty chart, she gets okay. We went from poop accidents every time she had to poop to only one poop accident in the last week. You really just have to stay strong with it! Good luck!
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