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Hypermobile w/ Gross Motor Delays? Sensory Issue?

Hi there!

This is my first post ever on a public forum like this - hope you don?t mind me posting a question here. :)

Were you ever told that your child was ?hypermobile? and did this cause gross motor delays? Did/does your child have sensory issues related to a specific part of the body and did this cause gross motor delays and/or end up diagnosing as something?

Some background:

DD is 14.5 months, was born with Torticollis (CMT) and we went to PT for this starting at about 5 mos. CMT was completely resolved at 9 mos, however then PT started saying that she had gross motor delays. They were really pushing for her to crawl. She never did crawl, and began scooting (in the sitting position) at 10 mos. PT had always been a struggle - she HATED it and would cry pretty much the whole time and often we spent half of the time just trying to calm her down enough to do the exercises. This was unusual because she was always such a calm, happy baby. She progressed, but continued to be behind in gross motor - didn?t follow the typical ?crawls, then pulls to kneel, then pulls to stand? sort of pattern. One PT pointed out that she seemed to have an aversion to having her feet touched, and specifically hated having the bottom of her feet touching the ground.

At 12 mos, feeling discouraged, I sought another opinion, and we visited a pedi neurologist who spent an hour with us, watching her movement, asking questions, etc. The neuro concluded that she was neuro-typical and was simply ?hypermobile? meaning her joints are very flexible/?double-jointed?, and that these kids can take longer to stand and walk since their joints take longer to strengthen. She said not to worry, that she should be walking by 16 mos or so. She thought that she could have a ?sensory isssue? in her feet but she emphasized that she did not in any way think this was related to autism as she is socially appropriate.

Otherwise, she is doing very well in all other areas - has 10+ words, is very social, self feeds well, is generally happy, etc. We decided to stop PT because the neuro didn?t feel it would make or break her progress and that I could work with her at home - and because she was still screaming the whole time at PT and I was questioning what benefit it was really having.

I?m worried though, because at 14.5 months, she still only scoots, will sometimes pull to knees and will stand holding onto something only if we make her. She?s getting better at it, but she often curls her toes while standing or lifts the front of her foot only standing on her heels (indicating to me she still has some aversion to feet touching). She doesn?t cruise, and is nowhere near walking. I know the ?normal? range for walking can be up to 18 months, but I can?t help but worry in the meantime.

Any thoughts/experiences/info is most appreciated!

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Re: Hypermobile w/ Gross Motor Delays? Sensory Issue?

  • I'm hypermobile and apparently had no significant gross motor delays.
  • I feel like you describe my daughter! We have her PT assessment tomorrow afternoon and we started Early Intervention last week. She is 12 months, just started pulling to her knees and scoots primarily on her bottom. 

    I'm hoping PT gives us a few exercises and then I'm sure we'll just stick with the EI and work with her daily at home. Good luck 

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  • My DD is hypermobile, and except for rolling over (back to front at 8 weeks/front to back at 10) she hit all her other milestones on the late side of normal (sitting at 9m/crawling at 11m/standing 13m/walking almost 17m)  but right now I don't see any sensory issues.  If you suspect a sensory issue, look for some help in that area, it could make a big difference in her progression.

    My DS who does have sensory issues refused to walk in socks--he had to be barefoot or he would not walk, and he absolutely had to have shoes on outside--he couldn't tolerate the feeling of grass.

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  • Thanks everyone for your responses!

    No she doesn't have any other health concerns. We have the 15 mo appointment coming up, so I will bring it up to her pedi again.

    Regarding the treatment for sensory issues, I'm sure it varies per child, but what does that look like and how is it different from PT?
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  • Oh and something else she does which is a bit odd, maybe just a normal quirky toddler thing, but since she's been sleeping by herself in a crib, last few months, the way she sleeps is by sitting up, folding herself in half and sleeping in her lap hugging her bear. She always hated sleeping flat in a crib, even from a newborn... Does that sound like a sensory thing?
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