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Getting Baby off Base

I am at an AF base and I know that they will give me a pediatrician that is on base, I am working to figure out what needs to go in my letter to Tricare to get the baby to and off base pediatrician. I am trying to go off base because the one on base just can't handle all the people they have and they refuse to admit it and send people off base like they are supposed to. 

Has anyone encountered this before? If you have, what did you put in your letter that made it a successful move off base>

Re: Getting Baby off Base

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    Can you just have the baby enrolled in TriCare Standard instead of Prime? I believe they are automatically enrolled in Prime the 1st 60 days. Standard would allow you to choose a civilian doctor in network.

    This is exactly what we did.  Some bases will let you chose an off base PCM, just depends.  I was able to get me off base with staying on Prime but when we had LO we ended up having to put LO on standard.  They wouldn't budge. 

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  • we were denied taking our dd off base by tricare, never went the standard rout because our Dr. was good on base. We just knew an off base one from church and wanted to take her to him. Oh well. Good luck.
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  • I'm there with you! My dd has a pedi on base because there is "room for babies", but whenever I call they are magically booked for the month! Central Appointments are idiots, and the system is completely flawed. I've been told you can fill out a waiver. Here at the clinic there has been one steady pedi my daughters and reservists coming in and out, and it SUCKS. I've spoken to the patient advocate, but nothing changes. They say "Call at 7 am for the open appointments" but there are never any, and they say "Well I can see the other open appointments if you call back later" wtf?! Frustrating.
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