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Postpartum Depression

I tried talking to my husband

Last night my husband and I got into a huge fight. It was all me. I flipped put over evey little thing. When he came back from cooling off I was in tears. I told him I've been depressed since I had my daughter. He just looked at me like I was making it up and said I need to act like an adult. I apologized for what I did and told him I want to get help. He just kept asking if I could still take Care of my daughter and that I make him feel like he doesn't matter. He kept spinning it like I wanted to leave him. I tried to let him know whats going on is not from him. He is not talking to me now. I have no friends to talk too and I don't know who I need to ask about help for this. I don't know if my insurance covers anything like this. I need help.

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  • Everyone's insurance is obviously different but you should definitely see your doctor. I saw my doctor and she had prescribed me meds and then I also went to a 8 week support group that was led by a therapist. I think there are even peer led groups out there. The group helped out a lot for me. It gives you that chance to vent about everything you're going through. It introduced me to other moms out there going through the same thing. And it also helped me explain to my husband what was going on.
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  • Went to the doctor. I got medicine but almost all the therapists are booked till march. I wish a had a support group. I don't even have friends that are women. My doctor also suspects the hormones have brought out something closer to bipolar and doesn't know if the antidepressant will help. I tried talking to my husband again and he said I depressed him and he really doesn't want to talk to me
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  • Would your husband be willing to go to the doctor with yo+.  My husband went with me when we decided  I needed to go on disabiity and it really helped me.  My husband is generally understanding but I hadn't told him everything.  My doctor was able to tell him what was going on in an inpartial way and to help develop a game plan.  We have a baby on the way so I'm sure my husband and I will need to go to a few follow-up sesssions just to see how were are adjusting. 

    It's hard for people who have never been depressed to fully understand depression,  It sometimes takes hearing it from an impartial third party.

  • My husband always reminds me that we got married for "better or for worse" and this is one of those "worse" periods.  This doesn't mean it will be the last for either of us but this is what marriage is all about.
  • I am sorry you are struggling like this. Are you getting out of the house? Even just going to a mommy group will make you feel like you aren't alone. Lots of other moms are struggling too. 
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