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stage 3 foods

So at DS's 9 month check we were told to start offering stage 3 foods.  So I have two questions we having been making our own baby food so what foods do you suggest we try/use for making stage 3 and with the stage 3 food is this food that he should be feeding to himself are do we still feed it to him?
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Re: stage 3 foods

  • I know many parents who skip stage 3 and go straight to table foods.  I would definitely start to let LO feed himself at least a little bit- try pieces of banana, avocado, clementine, kiwi... basically any fruit/vegetable cut up small would probably be fine at this point.  Also try coating veggies in a little bit of olive oil/butter and roasting them... yum.  Ground meat too... my LO loves ground beef plain, or I will do a little meatloaf or something for her.  Shredded cheese/small pieces of cheese is great. 

    If you want to do some foods you can spoon feed him, try yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce.  I peeled and sliced a few apples and put them as is in the crockpot for a couple hours- makes a super easy and delicious chunky applesauce! You could even spoon feed like a mashed up banana or avocado too.  

  • All of the above!  I bought a few stage 3 jars, but LO never really liked them (I had to agree...they have kind of a weird taste), but we also do toast with some melted cheese (broken up in tiny bits), whole wheat pastas in tiny pieces, scrambled eggs, and any veggies and fruits cooked pretty soft cut up.  Shawn eats mostly finger food, and we do yogurts, purees, and oatmeal a few times a week.
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  • Stage 3 = stage 2 with some small chunks. It's still pretty gooey so unless he's good with a spoon, you still need to feed him.

    We started offering stage 3s but DS hates them. We're offering more table foods and he likes them a lot more.

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  • I am in the same boat.  I'm transitioning lo now and although he eats table foods, he doesnt eat enough to make a meal.  So most days he gets a stage 2 until I finish my stash plus some kind of finger food.  Otherwise, I do have some stage 3s that were leftover from my nephew.  I also give him homemade yogurt, avocado, steamed broccoli, cottage cheese, small pieces of chicken, bread, small cubes of fresh mozzarella, cheerios, riccotta cheese.  He is also very curious so I let him have bites of anything I am eating that is safe.  I offer it until he doesn't want any more.

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  • At this point I would just start offering table foods. 
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  • At stage 3 she just started eating whatever we ate for dinner. Last night it was chicken parm, noodles and broccoli with a little lemon juice.
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