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Birthday Invitations?

I know we will definitely be doing pictures for LO's first birthday.
If you're doing this, are you doing the pictures a little early so you can have one on the birthday invitations or are you waiting until your baby is actually a year or very close to a year?
I think pictures on the invitations are cute, but I don't want to take her pictures really early just to have them on the invitations.
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Re: Birthday Invitations?

  • We're going to have her cake smash photos taken a couple weeks before her birthday for the Thank You notes.  Her party invitations might have a picture of her on them, but they won't be from her one-year photos.
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  • I would use the birthday pictures for thank you cards.
    Micah Leonard
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  • Using the pictures for the thank you cards is a great idea that I never would have thought of.
    Thank you both!
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