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My husband just deployed and we just found out I am pregnant. He'll miss much of the pregnancy and birth. I know to send belly pictures, ultrasounds, however are there any good daddy to be books? Most mention that sex is okay during pregnancy, and how to cater to their partner none of which my husband will be able to do. He is so excited to be a dad but upset that he is missing this for our first child. Besides pictures how did you keep the father involved when he was deployed?

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  • I would say maybe send him links in emails to different sites or tell him everything as you are learning it himself. That way, at least he feels he is actually learning some of the information?
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  • My DH is home, but he read a book that he said was probably the best of all the Dad's stuff he has read so far. The book is called "The Guy's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year of Fatherhood" It is by MIchael Crider. He said it had good info and it didn't talk down to him like most of the other books and sites did. He also said it was hilarious.
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  • I sent DH short vidoes from some of the appointments with the babies heartbeat so he could hear it. As well as some of the ultrasound. I also asked him if he had any questions for the doctor before each appointment.
  • I signed my husband up to receive the weekly emails from Baby Center that told him typical milestones in growth and how big the baby was for that particular week.  He loved getting those emails and knowing that baby was growing fingernails or baby was the size of an avocado.  That added with the belly pics really let him feel a little more involved.  I also gave him the password for our baby registry on Babies R Us so he could add things he liked or wanted.  

    One other thing I did, when I sent packages, I would wrap a piece of yarn around my belly to measure it so he had an actual visual of how big I was.  He got a good chuckle out of all those.   

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