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PLEASE HELP, need help finding OBGYN

My husband and I moved from Portland, OR to here in San Diego, and we found out a week and a half ago we are expecting our first child!! I am currently 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant and all my family and friends can recommend are obgyn's in Oregon. I am in the La Mesa/East County area and I have no clue where to start looking for a really good doctor for my pregnancy. My husband would rather me have a female doctor (which I want to respect) so I would love some female recommendations, but we do also want male recommendations as well...especially if they are outstanding.

Thanks for your help and input!! 

Re: PLEASE HELP, need help finding OBGYN

  • I am in north County so I can't be a ton of help with actual doctors. That said, Dr. Washkowiak at Scripps La Jolla is great. You may also want to check out doctors that deliver at Scripps Mary Birch as that is known as a great hospital for maternity.


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  • Mary Birch is where I am. I'd recommend my doc but you dont want her because she's high risk! Love the hospital though, every staff member I've dealt with has been great. Congratulations!

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  • Congrats!!!

    Dr. Pyka in La Mesa is the Best! all the OBGYN in his office are very good. The treat you very well there and they are always giving you free samples to try out. He is located by grossmont shopping center in La Mesa. The address is 8851 Center Dr. Ste. 100, La Mesa, CA 91942-3099. There number is 629-4639195. The lady at the front desk is Karla she is so nice and helpful.

    I just had my daughter in september and I didnt want a male doctor at first either but after meeting Dr. Pkya my husband and I loved the way he took care of us. Best of luck finding a doctor.  

  • Try Colleen McNally. She delivered my son 9 weeks ago and was really great. She's been listed in the local San Diego magazines as one of the "top OBs" in the area, and she's the head of the OB department at Mary Birch hospital an AMAZING place to have a baby. All the OBs at her practice are women, so odds are you'll find someone you like.
  • I work with both these doctors, and they are amazing. You can't go wrong with either of them. 

    Dr. Harky

    (858) 453-0753 9850 Genesee Ave, #600, La Jolla, CA
    Dr. Kristen A. Lee
    North County Ob-Gyn Medical
    9850 Genesee Ave Ste 600
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    (858) 453-0753
  • My very best recommendation is for Dr Damon Cobb at Poway Women's Care in Poway. His bedside manner is so compassionate and warm. He is incredibly respectful and attentive to your needs and wishes. He personally attends 100% of all his births and delivers at Pomerado hospital which has awesome labor tubs! I could not speak any higher of his care. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

  • You should look into Scripps Clinic OBGYN they are in La Jolla UTC and have a wonderful accommodating staff. And unlike some practices you do all ultrasound/doctor appointments in the same office. And I never waited more than 15 mins to get in.


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  • Hi there! I live in la mesa. I go to Kaiser permanente and love it!! I gave birth to my son a year ago. The obgyn I went toIs located in el cajon and her name was dr Madeleine skull. She was amazing and awesome. Hope this helps!!
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