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OBs supporting Natural, Non-medicated Birth?

Hi ladies! I'm 19 weeks along, live in Encinitas and we are looking for a new OB that supports natural, non-medicated births. Does anyone have any experience with a great OB in North County? Thanks so much! Big Smile

Re: OBs supporting Natural, Non-medicated Birth?

  • Does your insurance cover Scripps Encinitas?  They have a midwife (Erin Phillips) and a GREAT doctor named Dr. Fenton. Plus, their hospital is a baby friendly designated hospital.  I had my DS there,completely unmedicated.
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  • I was looking for the same thing in North County.  I saw Erin Phillips and Dr. Fenton for prenatal care- they are very professional and caring.  HOWEVER, if you decide to deliver at Scripps Encinitas, be aware that they are very strict about the procedures.  Dr. Fenton is the medical director for OB at Scripps Encinitas, so he's the one who makes the rules.  (I'm a VBAC candidate and he told me that without exception, I would have to have continuous fetal monitoring and an IV, which means I'd be tethered to the bed the entire time!-- not good for natural childbirth)

     There are other great doctors in North County-- Dr. Captenakis is known for natural childbirth.  He only delivers at Scripps Encinitas.

     For me, I wanted a true natuarl experience and have now elected to go to UCSD (in Hillcrest)-- I truly believe that working with the midwives offers the best non-medicated experience- and would love to go to the birth center.

    It's a drive, but I really believe it's worth it, if that's what you're looking for.


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  • In North County try Dr. Damon Cobb in Poway. I think the man is an angel!
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    In North County try Dr. Damon Cobb in Poway. I think the man is an angel!

    Agree 100%! He is hands down on the top of my list- have seen lots of beautiful, natural and respectful births with Dr Cobb. Don't forget to consider hiring a doula to support your natural birth! Let me know if I can help you in any way :)https://tiffany.embracinglabor.com/

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