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Toyota Sienna owners

Hey there! We are in the process of looking for a new car. Do any of you have a Sienna? If so how do you feel about it? I really do not want a mini van but we are expecting our 3rd and need a larger car. TIA!

Re: Toyota Sienna owners

  • I do and I love it!  I never thought I would say that about a mini-van. The sliding doors are a godsend.
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  • I love my Toyota Sienna. The sliding doors are my favorite feature. I love the second row captain's chairs. When we carpool I can fit three more kiddos in the back, and still have plenty of cargo space. I can also lower the entire 3rd row into the floor for road trips or when I just need the extra space.

    My sienna also has a backup camera and a DVD player. I love those features as well. 


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  • Ours is an older model (2004) but it has the power sliding doors and I love it. I have no hangups about minivans, though.
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  • We just got one in August and I love it. I swore up and down before we had kids I would never have a mini van. When we were looking for a new car my husband was insistent we get a car with a 3rd row since we keep our cars for so long. All the SUVs in our price range had no trunk space with the 3rd row up and the 3rd row was really cramped. I can fit my double BOB stroller in the trunk with the 3rd row up and there is enough space for an adult to sit comfortably in the 3rd row. We just bought a new computer desk and we're able to get it in the mini van with just putting the 3rd row down. My favorite thing is that I can put the baby in on the passenger side and have DS cross through the car to his seat. Both kids are in the car while I buckle up DD so I' m not worried about DS running around in the parking lot.
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