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Question about IUI

Okay all! We had our IUI on Tuesday and I have been experiencing EXHAUSION and mild cramping. I've searched the web but seem to only be able to find ridiculous answers...anyone else experience this? I am not taking any fertility drugs, just normal prenatal...thanks guys!

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  • I had mild cramping for each if my IUIs six before I got pregnant. I don't know about the exhaustion.

    Good luck!
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  • I had cramping about 3-4 hours after insemination and 8 days after insemination during implantation.  I was slso SUPER moody the day of implantation...poor wife but we knew I had to be pregnant!  Good Luck!
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  • After our IUI I had cramping for a couple of days but I also had a lot of fluid retention and bloating with our IUI.

    I was tired but I think that was mental due to worry it wouldn't work, so much time evaluating every little thing with my body, and the emotional journey of ttc. 

    All I can say is don't read too much into "symptoms" unless there is pretty strong discomfort (like you need to see the doctor) and just focus on keeping stress levels down.  Unfortunately the symptoms of early implantation and pregnancy are almost identical to the week or so before your period. 

    It's nerve wracking for sure!  Fingers are crossed this is your cycle!

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  • I definitely had mild cramping, especially with the first IUI. I would say for the first 2-3 days it was pretty consistent. I was also completely ravenous after the first one  from ~days 5-12. But, no dice for me on that one.

    For my successful round, it was super painful during the procedure and I felt literally nothing, no twinge, no nausea, etc until 11dpiui.

    Good luck on this round. The first IUI is such an exciting time! And from what I've seen there's definitely some 1st round success stories on the board here.

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  • Cramping and bloating after the iui (that lasted a few days) - has happened for me both times so far.

    This time I also had some cramping reappear about 5 days after the iui...  no idea what that means, if anything.....  


    I found the first time I was so highly attuned to what was going on in my body I was looking for ANYTHING... haha - I also had a stomach bug at the time so there was plenty of gas for me to pay attention to...  This time I'm feeling less "stuff", but I'm also trying to relax more and just go with it.  

    Someone on the TTTC board pointed out one day to all of us in the 2ww that any early pg symptoms won't really show up until you have enough HCG in your body to turn a Early PG test positive anyway...   So if I feel something I have a small stack of dollar store tests that I pee on just to check ;)  Helps me keep things in balance.

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  • Thanks ladies!! I need to ask that because I'm doing my first iui next month and I'm not taken any fertility drugs so. I hope I can tell you guys something in March!!
  • Thanks everyone! I certainly have been suspicious at any "weird" signs...part of me doesn't want to take any tests yet because I feel like it would drive me nuts but maybe tests would be helpful to keep me in check...I appreciate everyone sharing their stories...this shall be the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!
  • All the very best of luck! Its such a crazy process, and I, too found myself hyper aware of everything going on with my body. I hope that its a good result for you!
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  • I was hyper aware of symptoms after my first IUI, per my doc most of my sx nausea, hunger, mild cramping, were all related to the trigger shot. I started taking HPT early but found myself a bit obsessed about them. We go back for our second IUI next week and I plan on banning HPT, I can't even be trusted to have them in the house. As far as dealing with the symptoms, L always just tells me to listen to my body. Your body is going through changes, if your tired, take a nap, if your hungry, eat. The hard thing is to figure out how to not scrutinize every symptom. Good luck! Sending good vibes. :
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  • I always said each time that I would never test.  And each time I took a test each and every day.  I want to say if I had to do it again I would ban HPTs from our house.  But I know that's not true!!  And if it means anything the IUI that I actually got (and stayed) pregnant I felt like I was about to start my period each and every day.  I would go to the bathroom with a tampon and then be shocked that I didn't need it.  So anyhow ... I think cramping is not necessarily a bad thing!
  • Okay all! I have another weirdo question for you. Does anyone know the connection between your LH surge and pregnancy? Our IUI was Tuesday and I read online that there is some connection between pregnancy and still having an LH surge detected. Has anyone else ever heard this?

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
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