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tmi, have to share :)

I can't post on fb...too gross, lol!  

But, cooper poo pooed on the potty today!!  He has done it in the past, but i'm thinking all accidents.  Today he sat down then asked for a diaper and I told him no, he's a big boy and to go in the potty, so he did!!  yay!!  his prize was a popsicle :)  

So, we're making progress now!!   

Re: tmi, have to share :)

  • Awesome news, hope he keeps it up!  We're in the throes of potty training now too, and we have to celebrate those little victories, no matter how gross.

    The other day, I actually caught my daughter taking poo from her underwear and putting it in the potty so she could get her M&M prize.  How's that for TMI?!

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  • omg.  now that is one smart (but gross of course) kid!!  hahah.  :)  but at least she gets the idea, right?
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  • Yay! Sophie watched Elmo Potty Time last night and when they got to the part where baby bear was hiding to poop, Sophie was clearly paying attention. We picked out a push pop as her poop reward so I'm just waiting to see if she makes the connection!






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