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S/O Sarabeth

Sarah and Elizabeth are both family names for us.  Do you like:

Sarah Elizabeth

Sarabeth (with some other mn)

Sarah Beth

Re: S/O Sarabeth

  • Sarah Elizabeth!


  • Sarah Elizabeth.
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  • image fitzpemberley:
    Sarah Elizabeth.

    Me too!
  • I really don't like Sarabeth...

    I'd go with one of the other two.

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  • Sarah Elizabeth

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  • Sarah Elizabeth!!
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  • Sarah Beth is cute, I"m a southern girl so I am drawn to double names = )
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  • I like the sound of Sarah Beth as a double name.  What if you named her Sarah Elizabeth and used Sarah Beth as a NN/ pet name?  Then she could use just Sarah if she chooses to when she's older.
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  • My name is Sarah Elizabeth. I think it's a wonderful name. :
  • image erzsi1:
    Sarah Elizabeth!



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  • image platypusbaby:
    I like the sound of Sarah Beth as a double name.  What if you named her Sarah Elizabeth and used Sarah Beth as a NN/ pet name?  Then she could use just Sarah if she chooses to when she's older.
    This. I know a Sarah Beth, as far as I know she's actually Sarah Elizabeth. And I'm thinking strongly of using a double nn for this baby (Anastasia Catherine nn Anna Cate).
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  • I love Sarah Elizabeth. Beautiful.  Classic.

    I do not care for Beth even as a NN.

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  • image Kimbus22:

    Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarabeth just makes me think of the Rascal Flatts song about the teenage girl dying of cancer.  Too depressing.


  • I like them all! Although I think the only reason I like Sarah Beth is because the southern association. The name Beth alone isn't pretty to me.
    With that said, my vote would be Sarah Elizabeth but I wouldn't side eye any of your options.
  • I don't like Sarabeth as a given fn. Either Sarah Elizabeth or Sarah Beth are nice though. If you want to call her Sarah Beth, I think I'd just go with that instead of using Elizabeth as a mn and then shortening it to Beth anyway.
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  • I'll be the lone vote for Sarabeth, I suppose. Sarah Elizabeth is way too formal and long. Sarah Beth looks funny because both names are quite short.

    Sarabeth sounds pretty and looks more balanced than the other two.

  • You can definitely name her Sarah Elizabeth and then call her Sarah Beth. I had a friend growing up who was Mary Beth, short for Mary Elizabeth. Suited her perfect.

    I love both Sarah and Elizabeth so that's my vote! 

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  • Sarah Elizabeth.
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  • Sarah Elizabeth

  • Sarah Beth! But I agree that you could go with Sarah Elizabeth and simply nn DD Sarah Beth.

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  • Sarah Elizabeth!  Such a beautiful name!

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