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Target Sale

Target is having a big baby sale.

That is all.


Re: Target Sale

  • Wonder if my wife knows...we went Red Card when the boy was born.

    My favorite purchase there are the boxes of recycled golf balls, all the major brands.  That saved money gets spent on a nicer course!  Cheap ice cream too.  I cannot believe chain grocers still charge nearly 6 bucks for what you can get a Target for half that....ALWAYS.


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  • imagepolooo26:
    I've noticed Target has cheaper grociers for a lot of stuff compared to the grocier store. I haven't bought ice cream in forever. I got a cruisenart ice cream maker as a wedding present. 2 eggs, 3/4 cup suger, 2 cups cream, 1 cup milk, add in a flavor. 20 minute later you have ice cream. Better and cheaper than the store.

    I may have to try that ice cream maker.  I am a fanatic about ice cream, and I could imagine I would love to make my own since I have not done it since summer camp as a lad.


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  • Oooo ColtsDad and I got an ice cream maker for our wedding that we've used only a handful of times because I couldn't find a recipe I liked.  I will have to try yours!  I've been tempted to get one of those Play and Freeze ice cream makers that you put the ingredients in and roll it around until it becomes ice cream.  I'm thinking the toddler would love it!

    Play and Freeze? Ice Cream Maker


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