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One cold after another...anyone else?

Hi Ladies,

This is our first year of preschool. Prior to this DS was home with me. It seems that we have a cold every other week. I know his immune system is being exposed to a number of different germs which is only going to help build his immunity up but is it just us or do you all feel that you are experiencing frequent colds and viruses being at preschool?

We are trying to do as much as we can....balanced diet, good handwashing, etc.

It just seems this is a hard season and being the first year of Preschool, we are seeing it so much!

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Re: One cold after another...anyone else?

  • Ds1 was the same when starting daycare. My pedi said its very normal. This year is much better than last thankfully! They say it takes about 1 yr for them to get used to all the new germs. I keep antibacterial wipes in the car and wipe his hands as soon as we leave daycare or any public place which seems to help.
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  • I put both my 4.5 and 2 year old on a Childrens Probiotic (you can get these at Target) and Elderberry syrup. No colds yet! First year that Ive tried this and it's been the first year cold free!
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  • We're in the same boat, my son started preschool this year and hes had cold after cold this year.
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  • We went through this with daycare with both girls. The first two winter seasons they were pretty much constantly sick with a cold.

    DD1 is in 1st grade now and has been sick maybe twice in the last 3 years.

    DD2 is 2.5 yo and in her 3rd winter season. She's been sick 3 times this fall/winter, which is much less than she was the previous 2 seasons. It does get better.

    FWIW, when DD1 started daycare, I was sick along with her for that first winter. I apparently hadn't been exposed to germs like that in a long time. The second winter I was fine.

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  • A few things may help. Limit his sugar intake, and eliminate dairy while he has a cold. I also give my kids a tsp of elderberry each day for immune support.
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