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Daycare close to UCLA


I'm supposed to go back to work on 1/22/13 and we found a great family daycare. 

Today (1/7) the lady's son called to say they are closing the place because her mom had a heart attack!!!

Any referrals will be very much appreciated!



Re: Daycare close to UCLA

  • I don't have any referrals, but I know that Bright Horizons has a Westwood campus, and that UCLA itself has several centers. Not sure what their criterias are though.
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  • My DD goes to the Bright Horizons in downtown LA.  They have locations everywhere. 
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  • I will be attending a UCLA Bright Horizons tour (newborns area) on Tuesday, 1/29 at 4:00 PM. If you want to attend, just call and sign up. :)
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