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We survived Stomach Virus 2013...

Oh good gracious, I can't believe we all lived through it.  Started last Saturday with MJD throwing up, then by Sunday he moved onto wonderful diarrhea, which was such a joy to deal with since then hubs was at the Falcon's game, so I was up to my elbows in poop.  We did everything in our power to keep T quarantined, and Jason did his best to stay well, but by Tuesday Jason was down for the count, then Wed. T started showing symptoms.  Somehow I managed to stay unscathed, but man talk about EXHAUSTING!  Our house has never seen so much bleach or Lysol.  This was probably the worst of the worst out of all the crap we've had run through our house.  Give me an ear infection or a cold all day long, if another stomach virus visits our house anytime soon, Mama is out the door! 

Re: We survived Stomach Virus 2013...

  • You are so lucky you didn't get it! We had a stomach virus run in our house last May that literally had each person sick for an entire week with vomiting and/or diarrhea. I'll never the forget the disgusting smell. I always say that I'll take a cold, strep, etc., but no more stomach viruses!

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  • Hopefully its over for yall! I hate to say it but it went through everyone in our house TWICE. I lysoled and bleached everything so many times it wasn't even funny. I swear I have new skin on my hands/arms from cleaning so much in December. It was crazy! 

     And totally agree about the cold or ear infection any day. I don't like throwing up and I don't like cleaning it up either.  

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