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2 year old paci problems

My son is two ( yes he is in early education pre-school) He is the only kid in his class with a paci. We are ready for it to go he is just to old now. His pediatrician and dentist suggested we just take it cold turkey. Hubby and I discussed it and agreed that this is the way we want to go. I am just wondering if there are any tips to make this transition better? and any experiences with this? I am nervous about it but I am ready for him to be a big boy and think he is ready as well. We are expecting a second baby in June and dont want two kids with pacis
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Re: 2 year old paci problems

  • I can't speak to cold turkey, but with DS1 we started to restrict his use of the paci to his crib only.  Bedtime and naptime.  That was around 18 months, or so, I think.

    A little later on we took the paci away from his bed. 

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  • We tried a transition and then went cold turkey.  We cut down the nipple so it didn't feel the same and eventually LO's will learn they don't like the paci anymore.  I was not diligent to cut it down every cpl days b/c we had dozens of paci's and an uncut one would show up under the bed or something. As I found them I threw them away. Eventually, I found all to throw away and played dumb to 'where is the paci' question. I have read others who visited Build a Bear workshop and sewed a bag full of paci's inside. I always thought that was good idea.
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  • We started restricting pacis to naptime and bedtime only shortly before DD1's 2nd birthday. When she turned 2.5, we had her watch Elmo's Byebye Pacifier movie where we stole Elmo's idea of having her decorate a cardboard box. She then put all her paci's inside and we sealed it shut. She then put the box on our front porch for the Paci Fairy so that they could go to a little baby who needed them.
    She was all into at first but did wake up crying in the middle of the night for a few days. Naps surprisingly weren't bad. Within a week, she had completely forgotten about them.
    Good luck!
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  • Sorry for the wall of text! I'm posting from my phone and it apparantly doesn't like line breaks.
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  • We took DD's pacifier away cold turkey when she turned two.  She never once asked for it again.  She doesn't sleep as well now, but otherwise she has never missed it.  
  • We took DSs at age 2 as well. Instead of just taking them we went through the whole house and bagged them up and told DS he could go to Toys R Us and pick out a toy and pay with them. We made it very clear that he had to pay the lady with his paci's in order to get a big boy toy. So we went, he picked out a toy, handed over the bag to the check out person and that was that. He knew that we didn't have his Paci's but that Toys R Us did and it prevented the tantrum when he later wanted it. He just kept saying, " No more paci, Toys R Us has it?" and we would tell him yep. We did this for a couple day's and then he forgot about them all together.

    We plan to do this with our DD very soon. She is 25 months

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