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Rookie mistakes, and other new parent hilarity

So every time we do something very stupid we call it a rookie mistake. while they are usually on the dangerous side, and should be more cautionary tales, we try to look at them with humor and remember not to do it with the next one....

i am still suffering from mommy brain so am drawing a blank all of a sudden. but i thought we could share some of our funny stories. 

the only one i can think of right now (among what must be hundreds) is a really bad one: letting people who may have been drinking hold the baby, rookie mistake, and LO was dropped (she was a year old and walking, but still)

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Re: Rookie mistakes, and other new parent hilarity

  • I hate co sleeping but LO is a terrible sleeper so it happens sometimes. A few months ago she was sleeping with me and rolled off of the bed and hurt her foot. Luckily it wasn't broken and she was fine otherwise, but it scared me to death. Also, I used those stupid safety clippers for her nails when she was very young, and ended up clipping her finger a little. I cried so much and now I use regular clippers and have never had a problem.
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  • we were at a family wedding and i assumed my aunt wouldn't ask to hold her if she had been drinking. and i was just working on letting LO go out of my sight! LO is usually calm and quiet when she's held, but out of nowhere she'll stick her bum out and try to slip down, you need fast reflexes for this move. worst moment ever. New rule, you can't hold her if you've had more than one drink, and now we ask!
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