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Disney with 6y/o, 4y/o & 11 m/o

I haven't been on here much in quite a while and don't recognize anyone on the Parenting board anymore, but saw some familiar names over here, so thought I'd post.

We are doing Disney World with our kiddos (ages in title). I am sure the older two will have a blast, but what are your tips for our 11 month old? I'll take any advice from the plane ride (we'll have about a 3.5hr flight - an early one) to the parks, hotel room, etc.

DH & I have both been to DW several times before but this will be our first time with the kids. Give me your best tips!

Mom to DD#1 December '06, DD#2 Feb '09 and DS March '12

Re: Disney with 6y/o, 4y/o & 11 m/o

  • I would suggest taking the 11 mo stroller. They will be comfortable and more likely to relax in it. Also pack plenty of snacks in your bag. Use shows,the train or even the TTa when baby gets tired. They are great places to get baby asleep. We took both of our girls  when they were 6 months old and will be taking DS at 11 months. Good luck. Go to allearsnet.com and they have a whole section of tips.


  • We did it last March (2012) with a 6.5YO, 4.5YO and a 26 month old and will be going with our trio again in November (2013).

    I brought my single stroller for the airport and we rented a double (and ended up using both stollers).  DIsney is a A LOT of walking.   What do you know so far?  Do you have dates set?  Hotel?  Dining reservations?   What do you need to know?

    Hotels (on property) are limited for families of 5.   We have stayed at the Polynesian (Poly) & the Port Orleans Riverside (POR).   The pool & the monorail were AMAZING  at Poly however POR has an awesome breakfast/quick service meal. We will be staying a Beach Club this time and know we will miss the monorail--it made it much easier with small kids--so easy getting to MK & Epcot. Our second trip we barrowed a PNP from the hotel (flight).  (First trip we brought our own- drove). No issues but you have to turn in a request early.   I know nothing about off property hotels.  

    Dates:   We have done August & March.   Both were hot.  August was less busy.  If the kids are out of school, then its busy.   In March, MK closed to capacity when we were there. August was less busy.  Despite it being busy, we still had an amazing time.   Unfortunately since not only are the kids in school but I am an educator, its hard for us to go in off seasons which are January, February & October.  

    ADRs (dining reservations):  Can be booked (and should be booked) 6 months out.  The best ADRs fill quickly esp character meals (IMO--you should have at least or more if possible).  Did you do the dining plan?  If you want more specific information let me know.

    Garden Grocer:   If you need a lot of baby stuff (I needed wipes, diapers, water, apple juice, snacks)...and we ordered from here.  There was a minimum ($40) but we thought it was better than carrying all that stuff.

    Parks---go early (ride the headlines, grab FAST Passes for what you can).  The parks are the least busy in the AM.  We like to get breakfast ADRS and in the parks extra early (make better photo ops too ; )  We have done all day days and days where we went back to the hotel--play it by ear.   We have had the most luck with getting out to the fireworks the first night we are there otherwise (mine don't always naps) they are exhausted every night after that.    Have your ideas and lists priortized on what you wish to do.  Find the characters on the map before you go.  They are not always out in the open  I have an old list of what we did (before the new fantasyland opened), I can send it to you...I think.  It was on my PMs.  

    Rides:  The baby can ride a lot of rides still dumbo, teacups (don't turn), the safari, etc.  It can still be fun for him.

    The baby stations (one in each park) are amazing for diaper changes, a cool place to chill, warming bottles, BFing, etc. 

    There is a lot to Disney, if you need more specific info let me know.  I love the DIS boards for information also.  GL!!






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  • Hey shopgirl! Thanks! Where did you rent the stroller from when you got there? I was thinking of just bringing a lighter stroller for the airport but maybe I should bring our travel system stroller (it's actually a jogger)? What do you think? Also, do you think we'll easily be able to rent one in the park for the older girls if they get tired? We are going in Feb. We're staying at Art of Animation and have a family room.

     Tell me more about Garden Grocer! We will have a kitchenette and would like to do probably breakfasts quick in the room before we head out. We can order groceries, baby supplies and the like?

    Mom to DD#1 December '06, DD#2 Feb '09 and DS March '12
  • Hey : )  

    Some airlines (AA) will not let you bring a double.  Check with yours.  Here is where we rented our stroller: https://www.orlandostrollerrentals.com/

    You could rent one from the park but they are hard and reflect the current temp (cold or hot).  It may work well in Feb though.   

    Here is garden grocer: http://www.gardengrocer.com/

    Both places will deliver and pick up (well the stroller) FROM (edit) AoA.   

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  • Super, thanks! Good to "see" you again :)
    Mom to DD#1 December '06, DD#2 Feb '09 and DS March '12
  • imagesnowflakemom:
    Super, thanks! Good to "see" you again :)

    You too.  Hope you have a blast.  I love Disney!   

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  • Tons of snacks for the plane and a change of clothes for all of you because anyone can be near the baby when they throw up an they will want to change. And a bottle for the baby when you take off and land. And I would not buy the baby a seat but if you do bring a car seat that you know will fit and is FAA approved, convertibles have to face forward.
    Jen - Mom to two December 12 babies Nathaniel 12/12/06 and Addison 12/12/08
  • Been there 2x with my kids.

    We brought along a sit and stand stroller I got off CL for 30 bucks.  It saved the day( my 8 years old even rode in it).  We ended up leaving it at DW because it did not fit in our rental car, when we left for the beach.  I also recommend:

    1. buy meal plans
    2. get dining reservations(character meals)
    3. Do not getting caught up in collecting signatures
    4. Take a break in the middle of the day.
    5. We brought a insulated gallon sized thermos that we filled with ice and water, that saved a ton of money.
    6. Make sure you bring princess dresses for daughters they will see the other girls dressed up wearing them. (dresses are $$$ there)
    7. Stay in a Disney hotel!!!
    8. Lots of snacks
    9. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen a lot.
    10. Don't try to pack too many things in a day.  Being happy is more important than seeing  the whole park.  Our last trip we spent 8 days at Disney and still did not see it all.  It is a vacation!
    11. It is going to cost a lot of money so just be happy forking it over!  I have seen way too many parents unhappy/fighting at Disney.
    12. I told my kids they had to wait until the end of the day to buy souvenirs.  Then they get to figure out what they really want.
    13. Make sure you know what rides might scare your kids and if you plan on doing them leave them for the last ride of the day /or before a break. 
    14. Open the parks up.
    15. Bring toys for waiting in line.
    16. Do bathroom breaks before getting in: long lines. bus , monorail.
    17. Make sure you tell your kids what to do if they get lost.(find someone with a name badge) it can happen in a instant
    18. Check out Disney world message boards they have oodles of info.  They also have stroller exchanges and mini fridge exchanges, it is crazy
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